Grow, grow, grow! Know how to find your ideal donor and learn how best to connect with them. Through wealth screening and many other philanthropic indicators, we help you identify who you should be connecting with and suggest the best practices when it comes to outreach. Develop with ease.

Donor CRM

Losing track of all the different lists and CRM tools that you have to juggle? We make it easier for you by funnelling all donor activity and traffic through your website and collecting all data and analytics from donors onto our Sumbon reporting. Pick and choose what information you want to track and collect to direct your development efforts. Our CRM tool helps you attach specific notes and tasks to donors while also helping you identify future follow-up steps. We’ll help you learn how to best connect with each of your donors and the best ways for you and your organization to grow along the way.


Prospect Research

Use publically available data in your favor by being smart about the way you do your donor research and prospecting with Sumbon. Find the right, ideal donors for your organization and how to best connect with them. From wealth screening to creating donor profiles, we help you look for and identify philanthropic markers that might tell you about more high potential donors. While some tools only offer donor ratings, we help you find their rating as well as their detailed charitable giving history.

Philanthropic Markers

Philanthropic markers that go beyond donors’ relationship with your organization is crucial in gaining a full-picture understanding of donors’ giving habits and giving potential. We help you identify exactly what these markers are and what they mean. In certain parts of the country, the world, “wealth” can be a relative term that can be skewed according to region. That’s why we provide you with charitable and political giving histories of donors to help you better understand your existing donor base as well as potential donors. Our Prospect Research tool(s) provide you with real-time data and information before you meet with your prospective donors. Sumbon’s making your competitive research easier.



Not to sure where to begin? We can help you with content creation, email/social media management, and many more. Just reach out to us and ask us about our available add-ons.