Meet The Team

Meet our visionary founding and management team.


Abhay Tewari

Co-Founder & CEO

Abhay worked with Apple for 8 years, where he managed New Product development, overseeing the manufacture and launch of Mac products including numerous generations of iMac, the MacPro and Mac mini. He holds an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business(2007) and an MS from The Ohio State University(2000). He lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and daughter. He is passionate about helping organizations working in Education and cancer research. He is also on the board of San Mateo Foster City School District’s Education Foundation and helps them actively raise money.

Atul Awate

Co-Founder & CTO

We call him the startup veteran with a successful track record in production acquisitions. Teaming up with Abhay as a Co-Founder of Sumbon, his aim is to bring technology to the underserved world of nonprofits. 

Job Description: Playing good cop bad cop with Abhay and the team while challenging the team to be the best versions of themselves. And, of course, giving his autograph to important documents.

Fun fact: Professional Plant Waterer: accidentally turned a hill into a community environmental movement just by watering the plants.


Rana Bhattacharjee

Co-Founder & Head of International Business

Rana has been a sales and business development professional and entrepreneur for more than 15 years, with global experience in numerous industries. He gained consumer goods and financial services experience in India, private asset management expertise in South East Asia, and engaged in the trading and distribution of industrial goods in South Africa. He graduated in Engineering from Delhi University in 1996 and has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta in 1998. He lives in Singapore and apart from business he is a keen follower of development economics and spirituality.

Alex Koh

Co-Founder of TCB

Previously a Co-Founder of TCB, he reached out to Sumbon in March for an internship position and the rest is history!

Job Description: Those annoying newsletters and bringing the average age of the company down.

 Fun Fact: Former Ballet and Tap Dancer.

Hrushikesh Nahak

Software Development Engineer

Hrushikesh reached out in Sumbon in April 2016 with the dream of a world where every human being is able to receive adequate education and enough food to eat. He has teamed up with Hiral to create a dynamic duo of sorts for the Sumbon team. 

Job Description: The other member of the dynamic Software Development Engineer duo. 

Fun Fact: Professional traveler, music audiophile, and pet lover. Also learned how to swim by almost drowning

Deepak Khomane

UI / Web Developer

Like Hiral, Deepak’s vast experience with UI and as a Front End Developer has been instrumental in Sumbon’s development and growth. He joined the team in December 2015 and continues to lend his vast experience to the company.

Job Description: UI and the  one who gets all the compliments from people as the Front End Developer.

Avinash Rajaram Dhage

Jr. Test Engineer

Started working with Sumbon in january 2016 as a Test Engineer. 

Job Description: Test Engineer. One who is responsible for product quality. 

Contact Info:

Hiral Patel

Software Development Engineer

Like Deepak, Hiral’s vast knowledge with UI and as a Developer has been key to Sumbon’s growth and development. Having joined Sumbon in March 2016, Hiral continues to find ways to improve the technical sides of Sumbon’s inner workings. 

Job Description: The other member of the dynamic Software Development Engineer duo.

Keerti Moharir

Sr. Test Engineer

From being a Quality Engineer at Saba Software to being a Senior Test Engineer for Sumbon, Keerti has established herself as the Program Manager for Sumbon and hasn’t looked back. 

Job Description: Program Manager and making sure the team doesn’t implode on itself. 

Fun Fact: Horror Movie Enthusiast: most likely to confuse a horror movie for a comedy.


Growth Hacker

Luca is a Growth Hacker with a strong background in Software Development & Digital Marketing, he has a degree in Computer Science and Electronics and he’s also the CEO of Cleverativity. He joined the team in September 2016.

Job Description:
R&D, Growth Hacking and Social Medias Management.