Your fundraising experience is just as important to us as the donation experience is for donors. We believe that your fundraising efforts should be multifaceted and easy to use. From fundraisers to events, we have everything you need to bolster your efforts on your own website


Create and run beautiful fundraisers on your own website to raise awareness and support like never before. We’ve simplified the creation process so that you can focus more time and energy on actually reaching your donors. We’ll help you track where donations are coming from and build donor profiles so that you can continue building an active donor base.


Empower your donors by helping them run their own fundraiser campaigns to celebrate life events to support you and your organization. We’ll help you collect all necessary information on new donors who may be led to your organization through peer-to-peer campaigns so that you can expand your donor base through personal connections. From custom campaign builders to data collection, we help you manage everything to fit your organizational needs.


From fundraiser runs (with our team building reporting) to volunteer opportunities (with our volunteer reporting), host and run any type of event that you can think of. Never miss a beat and make sure your attendees don’t get left behind. With our event management tool, we make it easy for you to keep track of registrations, collect necessary information you want on registrations, and create reminders leading up to the event as well as follow-ups after the event.

QR Codes

Convert your offline donors into online donors with our customized QR Codes. By simply attaching the QR Codes to your offline material (mail, flyers, or info sheets), you can reduce the friction of getting donors online to the specific fundraiser or event that you want them to see. With our QR Codes and donors’ phones, improve your offline messaging to integrate it into your online efforts.