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About Sumbon

What is Sumbon?
Sumbon (Sum + bon) means “Addition” (i.e., the sum) “of all good” (i.e., bon = French for good). Sumbon is a global online platform that connects donors and non-profits in a meaningful and sustainable way by emphasizing increased communication, transparency, and trust between both sides.
Is Sumbon a non-profit?
No we are a for-profit enterprise with a mission to change the world by democratizing giving. We believe that a for-profit structure places us in the best position to fulfill our mission and create a sustainable business model.
How will Sumbon make money?

Sumbon generates revenue by charging a service fee to nonprofits that subscribe to our services. For more information, please refer to the Sumbon’s Pricing page.

Why is the Sumbon model more attractive to non-profits than legacy fundraising models?

According to Associate of Fundraising Professionals ( non-profits spend an average of $0.20 for each dollar of funds they raise. Sumbon’s offers a service fee of 2.49% plus a gateway transaction fee charged by payment processors. Total fees rarely exceed 5%, which is significantly lower than the national average. Current gateway transaction fees are:

• PayPal: 2.50%+$0.30 per standard transaction (3.5%+$0.30 per transaction made using American Express)
• WePay: 2.20%+$0.30 per standard transaction (3.24%+$0.30 per transaction made using American Express)
• Citrus: 1.85% + taxes (For Credit Cards), 0.75% for transactions INR 2000 (Debit Cards/Rupay), 1.70%+taxes (Net banking)

How secure is 'Sumbon'?
Sumbon uses Extended Validation SSL and processes payments using secure payment gateways that include PayPal, WePay, and Citrus.

For Non-Profits

I am a non-profit. What does it mean to sign-up with Sumbon?
Creating a profile on Sumbon is free and easy, though in order to collect donations through our platform, your organization’s profile page and payment processing linkage (e.g., to PayPal, WePay, or Citrus) must be complete. Users will be able to find your organization by searching for non-profits in your category and you will always be able to accept unrestricted donations through your main page. However, you will see the best results by creating giving campaigns (i.e. “fundraisers”) designed to support specific programs, which enjoy an extra layer of visibility among donors looking to give to a specific project.
Do I have to pay to create a fundraising Drive?
No. Sumbon only collects fees from non-profits when a donation is made through our platform. Collects Fees
Can International non-profits partner with Sumbon?

Any charitable organization that is recognized as such by its own national government is eligible to partner with Sumbon. However, regulatory requirements in different countries dictate different terms of eligibility. Consequently, not all registered users will be eligibible to donate to every non-profit in the Sumbon database. Currently-listed organizations are domiciled in the following countries:
• United States
• United Kingdom
• South Africa
• Australia
• India

Which countries are enabled for online payments?

PayPal: Available for The United States, The United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.
WePay: Available only for The United States.
Citrus: Available for India

How do I engage donors?
The Sumbon platform features numerous mechanisms to facilitate donor engagement. Impact stories will allow you to provide donors who have supported specific projects with specific updates on those projects.
Who can raise money on Sumbon?
Any registered Non-Profit organization can fund-raise on Sumbon. We accept organisations from any country to participate on our platform except those which are in the sanctions list.
What can our organization raise money for?
Organizations can raise funds for any project being undertaken by them. Donors appreciate specific details of where the funds donated are being utilised, so we encourage the organizations to provide as many details as possible for their projects.
Why do we have to create a fundraiser drive?
Donors like to see the impact created by their donations. A specific fundraiser drive provides this information and this will help donors decide how they would like to support an organization.
How are donations processed on Sumbon?
We work with the Payment Gateway providers – Paypal, WePay and CitrusPay in different countries. Donors can use their credit cards / debit cards to make a donation and it is processed through one of these gateways depending on the country. The donated amount is directly credited to the receiving organization Paypal/WePay account after the deduction of processing charges.
How will we know when someone has made a donation to our organization?
You will receive an email from Sumbon with details of the donor and amount donated as soon as a donation is made to you.
Can we receive funds from donors in a different country?
Yes you can, subject to the following two conditions. The local laws in the country of your organization must allow for foreign donations and you must comply to all regulations. Secondly, we use payment gateways for processing donations, so you must be able to connect to them and receive funds to your bank account from the payment gateway.
How will Sumbon help us in getting more donors?
We will showcase your organisation and fundraising drives among all our supporters. Any donors visiting our platform are able to browse through the various organisations and their causes and can choose to support any cause close to their heart.
Can we share the fundraiser with my donors and volunteers who are not on Sumbon?
Yes. We strongly encourage our partners to share their profiles and fundraising drives with their own supporters. Existing supporters can choose to donate to the causes or just write feedback or further share them in their own networks. Positive affirmation from existing donors is one of the largest catalysts in getting new donors.
How long can we keep our fundraising drive active on Sumbon?
There is no time limit for which you can run the fundraising drive. You can keep it running as long as you want. We strongly encourage you to keep adding impacts and success stories to the drives as you go along, so that existing and prospective donors can keep abreast of the project developments.
When are the donations transferred to us?
As soon as a donation is made on Sumbon, the funds are transferred rightaway to the non-profit organisation. We do not wait for any threshold amounts to be raised or any other factors. As long as the funds are valid, we do not hold on to any proceeds.

For Donors

I am a donor. What do I have to do to sign-up with Sumbon?
Signing up with Sumbon is quick and easy—do it automatically via your saved social network accounts, or register separately using only your first name, last name and e-mail address. After you register, you may begin browsing organizations right away or you may choose to spend time building your complete profile, and begin taking advantage of Sumbon’s many tools.
Many non-profits I support have communicate impact stories to me. How is Sumbon different?
Most non-profits share a limited set of impact stories across a broad group of donors, stories that may or may not align with individual contributions. The Sumbon experience is different—it delivers impact stories that are highly specific to you and allows you to track the impacts of all your giving in a single place.
What if I don’t see my favorite non-profit on Sumbon?
What better way to boost the visibility of an organization you love than to encourage it to join Sumbon? Don’t worry—we’ll help. Tell us about any organization you have in mind and we will reach out to invite them to build their free profile.
Will I get a receipt for my donation?
Yes, for every donation you make you will receive a receipt through PayPal/WePay/Citrus. Our platform also allows you to maintain a dashboard view of all of your giving, and centralize your receipts.
How secure is donating on Sumbon?
We do not store credit card, debit card, or bank information in our systems. We rely on our third party payment processors—PayPal, WePay and Citrus—to manage secure payments.
Do I need to have an account at Sumbon to make a donation?
Yes, you will need to create a profile at Sumbon to be able to search non-profits and causes and make a donation. Account creation is extremely easy. Please visit our help pages for any assistance or email us at if you have any more queries.
Can I donate anonymously?
Yes you can. At the final step of the checkout process for donations, you will have the option of making anonymous donations.
What is the difference between fundraiser and campaign?
A fundraiser drive is a project for which the non-profit organisation is looking for donations. As a donor, you can create a campaign around that drive and invite all your friends, family and colleagues to support you in helping that fundraiser drive.
Will get a notification/receipt when the amount is debited?
Yes, you will get an email notification along-with receipt that you will get from Sumbon, once the funds have been successfully processed.
How do I know that my donation is going to the right place?
Our platform showcases the non-profit organisations and all their fundraiser drives. We ensure that all funds donated by you reach the organisation immediately after processing and we do not hold on to any funds ourselves.
Can I see the exact breakup of fees charged?
The donation receipt sent to you has a breakup of the donation amount, processing fees and the net amount donated to the non-profit organization.
What does Sumbon charge me for making donations ?
We do not charge any fees to donors on their donations. All the processing fees are paid by the non-profit organizations.
Can I offer to cover the processing charges that will be paid by the non-profit organization?
Yes, you can. We provide that option while checking out after making the donation.
Can I donate from my mobile or tablet?
Yes, you can. You will have to use the desktop version for now, as we are working on creating a Sumbon app, that will be available in the future.
What is monthly giving?
On Sumbon, you can choose to make a one time donation, or make regular monthly donations to your favourite charities. Recurring donations are supported by some non-profits.
How do I setup a recurring donation?
It is very simple. While checking out, you will get an option to make the donation one-time or monthly. Select ‘make monthly’ checkbox to initiate recurring donation. You will get a receipt every month.
How do I cancel a recurring donation? or Can I stop recurring payment anytime?
You can edit your donation preferences anytime by logging into your Sumbon profile. You can change the donation amounts or terminate it altogether.