Donor retention rates are at a dismal 40%, is your organization doing anything to improve on that? Tell your story and communicate with your donors through impact stories and your organization’s branding. Don’t just connect with your donors, build an engaged donor base.

Impact Stories

Your website is your most valuable asset but can also be the most challenging when trying to update regularly. We want to make it easier for you and your organization to incorporate updates and stories about the impact your donors’ giving makes with our Impact Stories. Turn any of your ordinary updates or posts into an interactive Impact Story to further engage your donor base. We also make it easy for you to create and share your impact stories across all your social media platforms, all while helping you learn what content your donor base is more likely to interact with and respond to. Improve your messaging while remaining consistent with your audience.

Impact Tool

Direct communication with your donors, via emails and newsletters, is important. It’s a way to be personal with each donor, creating a stronger connection, and a way to get on donors’ phones, tablets, and computers. With our Impact Tool, you can create beautiful newsletters and emails to send to your donors in under 60 seconds (we’ve clocked it ourselves!). Segment your donors base by building lists to customize your messaging to fit donor preferences. Source multiple impact stories or weave different content into pre-built templates of your choice. We’ll help you learn and understand how your donor base is interacting with your emails so that you can improve your communication strategies.


Don’t lose track of your donors as they are led to you and your organization. Send a clear and consistent message to all your donors in everything they may interact with. From a branded donate page to all your shared content, we ensure that your organization’s branding is clear and consistent all throughout, making it easier to connect with new as well as loyal donors alike.

Story Bank

Creating multiple Impact Stories helps you have readily made content ready and available to share at any time. Our Impact Stories come in story banks that help you stay organized while allowing donors to see your stories on demand. Our Story Bank also helps you send customized stories to different donor segments, leading to more personalized interactions with your donors. Stay organized to make sure that you know exactly how your donor base is interacting with you and your organization’s content.

One-Stop Communication Tool

Say goodbye to your multiple accounts that you have to keep track of and remember how to use in order to communicate with your donors. With Sumbon, everything is a click away and connected so that you don’t have to navigate through all your different tools to remain on top of your game. From list-building to tracking donor interactions, each of our Sumbon tools are integrated with each other to help provide you with the most effective one-stop communication tool to date.